Kurt Schneider is a director. He double majored in film and marketing in College, but it took him a really long time so don't be too impressed.  In the 6th grade Kurt was voted class clown. A title he has been attempting to live up to ever since. He has a 6'11" wingspan and obnoxiously large feet. Kurt enjoys being tall, but he can never fully enjoy his view at concerts because he feels bad for the people behind him. Now you know that Kurt is empathetic without him having to directly brag about it. During his time at Michigan State, Kurt did Track and Field. He got a scholarship to literally jump over a stick. He was pretty good too. But not good enough, so he hung up the cleats to pursue film. If you're still reading this, you must either a) be really bored or b) you're his mom. Either way shoot him an email, he'd love to chat!